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Adding Text and Captions Made Fun

Add text and captions to your photos with over 170 hand-picked fonts.

  • Over 170 fonts to choose from
  • Create unique captions and posters
  • Edit Facebook and Flickr photos, or Uploads
  • Borders, effects and stickers to add to your pictures
  • Edit without leaving Facebook with our Facebook App
  • Share your creations on Facebook, Flickr and more
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Quality fonts = Quality design

Create Posters with Captions

We understand that the selection of available fonts will have just as much impact on your designs as what you do with them. That's why we've included over 170 hand-picked fonts for you to add to your photographs. Simply head to the Text tab where you'll find our fonts listed. Ribbet! makes adding captions to your photos fun and easy. To create a poster with captions, head to the Frames tab and click the Border effect. Here you'll find a Caption Height slider, which you can adjust to make room for your own text (which you can add on the Text tab). Perfect for adding funny phrases to your pictures.

Flip, Color, Blend & Fade

Fonts from Your Computer

Ribbet's advanced text options let you color your fonts, bold, italicize, align, resize, blend, rotate and even flip your text to create the caption you want, as you want it. If you need to go further than using the list of fonts we offer, you can now download any font to your computer, install it, and then use Ribbet! to add it to your photo as a caption. Simply head to the Advanced tab, choose Pro Editor and then Pixlr Editor. From here if you click the A icon on the toolbar you can add fonts from your computer. Finally use the File menu to Save back to Ribbet.

Even More Fonts

Complete Editing Solution

If you want even more fonts than the list we offer you can now use Pixlr Express to add a whole new selection. Head over to the Advanced Tab and choose Pro Editor and then Pixlr Express. Ribbet's more than just a tool to add text to your photos. It's a fully featured, easy to use and extremely fun photo editor and collage maker that you can spend hours and hours playing with. Try it, we think you'll love it.
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