About Us

Ribbet makes editing your photos fun and easy by creating intuitive photo editing software for desktop and mobile.

We're constantly innovating to bring you the best, easy-to-use photo editing tools ever, across a number of platforms. Our iPad and iPhone apps are the latest addition to our family, and build upon our popular app for desktop web browsers, which can be found at www.ribbet.com. We've also just launched a downloadable and installable version of Ribbet for Windows and Mac. Our Android app for phones and tablets is out of beta and about to be live on the Google Play Store.

Most of our tools can be enjoyed for free, but when you're ready to take things further Ribbet Premium membership allows you full access to both our desktop and mobile apps. This gives you a comprehensive set of touch-up effects, advanced photographic tools, collage building tools, seasonal effects, more than 100 hand-picked fonts and much more. With each release of our iOS app we will bring more and more of these tools to mobile devices.

We hope you enjoy our editor and you can always help us improve by sending us your feedback here.

Web App Credits

Director: Ben Meisner
Project Manager and Lead Developer: Mihai Dersidan
Design: Tubik Studio
Web Developer: Usman Ashraf
Software Developer: Liviu Raican

iOS App Credits

Director: Ben Meisner
Project Manager: Catalin Hobeanu
Senior UI&UX Graphic Designer: Radu Jianu
UI&UX Graphic Designer: Andreea Novac
Senior iOS Developer: Iulian Neculai
iOS Developer: Emilian Daniel Faur
Lead QA Engineer: Cosmin Banica
Senior QA Engineer: Valentin Stanciu
Jr. QA Engineer: Stefan-Daniel Badea

Works on Mac, Windows, Linux and on Mobile